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Current Opinion in Structural Biology

5-Year Impact Factor: 6.580
Issues per year: 6 issues
Editorial Board

Current Opinion in Structural Biology

Current Opinion in Structural Biology aims to stimulate scientifically grounded, interdisciplinary, multi-scale debate and exchange of ideas. It contains polished, concise and timely reviews and opinions, with particular emphasis on those articles published in the past two years. In addition to describing recent trends, the authors are encouraged to give their subjective opinion of the topics discussed.

In Current Opinion in Structural Biology we help the reader by providing in a systematic manner:

1. The views of experts on current advances in their field in a clear and readable form.
2. Evaluations of the most interesting papers, annotated by experts, from the great wealth of original publications.

Current Opinion in Structural Biology will serve as an invaluable source of information for researchers, lecturers, teachers, professionals, policy makers and students.

Division of the subject into sections

The subject of Structural Biology is divided into twelve themed sections, each of which is reviewed once a year. Each issue contains two sections, and the amount of space devoted to each section is related to its importance.

  • Folding and Binding
  • Nucleic acids and their protein complexes
  • Macromolecular Machines
  • Theory and Simulation
  • Sequences and Topology
  • New constructs and expression of proteins
  • Membranes
  • Engineering and Design
  • Carbohydrate-protein interactions and glycosylation
  • Biophysical and molecular biological methods
  • Multi-protein assemblies in signalling
  • Catalysis and Regulation

Selection of topics to be reviewed

Section Editors, who are major authorities in the field, are appointed by the Editors of the journal. They divide their section into a number of topics, ensuring that the field is comprehensively covered and that all issues of current importance are emphasised. Section Editors commission reviews from authorities on each topic that they have selected. The Editorial Board provides support to the Editors and the Section Editors with their comments and suggestions on names and topics.

Review articles in Current Opinion in Structural Biology are by invitation only. The journal does not accept manuscripts other from those invited by section editors, appointed by the main editors Tom Blundell and Keith Moffatt each year.

Review Articles

Authors write short review articles in which they present recent developments in their subject, emphasizing the aspects that, in their opinion, are most important. In addition, they provide short annotations to the papers that they consider to be most interesting from all those published in their topic over the previous two years.

Editorial Overview

Section Editors write a short overview at the beginning of the section to introduce the reviews and to draw the reader's attention to any particularly interesting developments.

This successful format has made Current Opinion in Structural Biology one of the most highly regarded review journals in the field with an Impact factor of 9.344.

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Assessing the accuracy of physical models used in protein-folding simulations: Quantitative evidence from long molecular dynamics simulations

Volume 24, Issue 1, 01 February 2014, Pp 98-105
Stefano Piana | John L. Klepeis | David E. Shaw

To milliseconds and beyond: Challenges in the simulation of protein folding

Volume 23, Issue 1, 01 February 2013, Pp 58-65
Thomas J. Lane | Diwakar Shukla | Kyle A. Beauchamp | Vijay S. Pande

Markov state models of biomolecular conformational dynamics

Volume 25, Issue , 01 January 2014, Pp 135-144
John D. Chodera | Frank Noé

A new system for naming ribosomal proteins

Volume 24, Issue 1, 01 January 2014, Pp 165-169
Nenad Ban | Roland Beckmann | Jamie H.D. Cate | Jonathan D. Dinman | François Dragon | Steven R. Ellis | Denis L.J. Lafontaine | Lasse Lindahl | Anders Liljas | Jeffrey M. Lipton | Michael A. McAlear | Peter B. Moore | Harry F. Noller | Joaquin Ortega | Vikram Govind Panse | V. Ramakrishnan | Christian M.T. Spahn | Thomas A. Steitz | Marek Tchorzewski | David Tollervey | Alan J. Warren | James R. Williamson | Daniel Wilson | Ada Yonath | Marat Yusupov

Technological advances in site-directed spin labeling of proteins

Volume 23, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 725-733
Wayne L. Hubbell | Carlos J. López | Christian Altenbach | Zhongyu Yang

Advances in understanding the molecular basis of plant cell wall polysaccharide recognition by carbohydrate-binding modules

Volume 23, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 669-677
Harry J. Gilbert | J. Paul Knox | Alisdair B. Boraston

Single-molecule spectroscopy of protein folding dynamics-expanding scope and timescales

Volume 23, Issue 1, 01 February 2013, Pp 36-47
Benjamin Schuler | Hagen Hofmann

Molecular dynamics simulations of large macromolecular complexes

Volume 31, Issue , 01 April 2015, Pp 64-74
Juan R. Perilla | Boon Chong Goh | C. Keith Cassidy | Bo Liu | Rafael C. Bernardi | Till Rudack | Hang Yu | Zhe Wu | Klaus Schulten

Structural biology in situ-the potential of subtomogram averaging

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 261-267
John A G Briggs

Describing intrinsically disordered proteins at atomic resolution by NMR

Volume 23, Issue 3, 01 June 2013, Pp 426-435
Malene Ringkjøbing Jensen | Rob W.H. Ruigrok | Martin Blackledge

Impact and progress in small and wide angle X-ray scattering (SAXS and WAXS)

Volume 23, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 748-754
Melissa A. Graewert | Dmitri I. Svergun

Recent insights into copper-containing lytic polysaccharide mono-oxygenases

Volume 23, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 660-668
Glyn R. Hemsworth | Gideon J. Davies | Paul H. Walton

Mass spectrometry supported determination of protein complex structure

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 252-260
Thomas Walzthoeni | Alexander Leitner | Florian Stengel | Ruedi Aebersold

Inhibition of protein aggregation and amyloid formation by small molecules

Volume 30, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 50-56
Andrew J. Doig | Philippe Derreumaux

RRM-RNA recognition: NMR or crystallography...and new findings

Volume 23, Issue 1, 01 February 2013, Pp 100-108
Gerrit M. Daubner | Antoine Cléry | Frédéric H T Allain

Alternative splicing of intrinsically disordered regions and rewiring of protein interactions

Volume 23, Issue 3, 01 June 2013, Pp 443-450
Marija Buljan | Guilhem Chalancon | A. Keith Dunker | Alex Bateman | S. Balaji | Monika Fuxreiter | M. Madan Babu

Allostery without a conformational change? Revisiting the paradigm

Volume 30, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 17-24
Ruth Nussinov | Chung Jung Tsai

Structure- and sequence-analysis inspired engineering of proteins for enhanced thermostability

Volume 23, Issue 4, 01 August 2013, Pp 588-594
Hein J. Wijma | Robert J. Floor | Dick B. Janssen

Relating sequence encoded information to form and function of intrinsically disordered proteins

Volume 32, Issue , 01 June 2015, Pp 102-112
Rahul K. Das | Kiersten M. Ruff | Rohit V. Pappu

PARP-1 mechanism for coupling DNA damage detection to poly(ADP-ribose) synthesis

Volume 23, Issue 1, 01 February 2013, Pp 134-143
Marie France Langelier | John M. Pascal

Advances in recombinant protein expression for use in pharmaceutical research

Volume 23, Issue 3, 01 June 2013, Pp 393-402
Rene Assenberg | Paul T. Wan | Sabine Geisse | Lorenz M. Mayr

Force as a single molecule probe of multidimensional protein energy landscapes

Volume 23, Issue 1, 01 February 2013, Pp 48-57
Gabriel Žoldák | Matthias Rief

Super-resolution fluorescence imaging with single molecules

Volume 23, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 778-787
Steffen J. Sahl | W. E. Moerner

Coarse-grain modelling of protein-protein interactions

Volume 23, Issue 6, 01 December 2013, Pp 878-886
Marc Baaden | Siewert J. Marrink