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Current Opinion in Neurobiology

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Updating dopamine reward signals

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 229-238
Wolfram Schultz

Network attributes for segregation and integration in the human brain

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 162-171
Olaf Sporns

Analysing connectivity with Granger causality and dynamic causal modelling

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 172-178
Karl Friston | Rosalyn Moran | Anil K. Seth

Brain networks underlying episodic memory retrieval

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 255-260
Michael D. Rugg | Kaia L. Vilberg

Neuroscience of affect: Brain mechanisms of pleasure and displeasure

Volume 23, Issue 3, 01 June 2013, Pp 294-303
Kent C. Berridge | Morten L. Kringelbach

Large-scale brain networks in affective and social neuroscience: Towards an integrative functional architecture of the brain

Volume 23, Issue 3, 01 June 2013, Pp 361-372
Lisa Feldman Barrett | Ajay Bhaskar Satpute

A neurocognitive approach to understanding the neurobiology of addiction

Volume 23, Issue 4, 01 August 2013, Pp 632-638
Xavier Noël | Damien Brevers | Antoine Bechara

Ethotransmission: Communication of emotional states through ultrasonic vocalization in rats

Volume 23, Issue 3, 01 June 2013, Pp 310-317
Stefan M. Brudzynski

The current state of the neurogenic theory of depression and anxiety

Volume 30, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 51-58
Bradley R. Miller | René Hen

The language network

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 250-254
Angela D. Friederici | Sarah M.E. Gierhan

Nogo limits neural plasticity and recovery from injury

Volume 27, Issue , 01 January 2014, Pp 53-60
Martin E. Schwab | Stephen M. Strittmatter

Oxytocin, stress and social behavior: Neurogenetics of the human oxytocin system

Volume 23, Issue 1, 01 February 2013, Pp 11-16
Robert Kumsta | Markus Heinrichs

Untangling cross-frequency coupling in neuroscience

Volume 31, Issue , 01 April 2015, Pp 51-61
Juhan Aru | Jaan Aru | Viola Priesemann | Michael Wibral | Luiz Lana | Gordon Pipa | Wolf Singer | Raul Vicente

Control-related systems in the human brain

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 223-228
Jonathan D. Power | Steven E. Petersen

Cocaine-induced adaptations in D1 and D2 accumbens projection neurons (a dichotomy not necessarily synonymous with direct and indirect pathways)

Volume 23, Issue 4, 01 August 2013, Pp 546-552
Rachel J. Smith | Mary Kay Lobo | Sade Spencer | Peter W. Kalivas

Cortical circuits for the control of attention

Volume 23, Issue 2, 01 April 2013, Pp 216-222
Earl K. Miller | Timothy J. Buschman

Reinforcement signalling in Drosophila; dopamine does it all after all

Volume 23, Issue 3, 01 June 2013, Pp 324-329
Scott Waddell

The role of myelin and oligodendrocytes in axonal energy metabolism

Volume 23, Issue 6, 01 December 2013, Pp 1065-1072
Aiman S. Saab | Iva D. Tzvetanova | Klaus Armin Nave

New insights on the role of microglia in synaptic pruning in health and disease

Volume 36, Issue , 01 February 2016, Pp 128-134
Soyon Hong | Lasse Dissing-Olesen | Beth Stevens

Toward a computational theory of conscious processing

Volume 25, Issue , 01 April 2014, Pp 76-84
Stanislas Dehaene | Lucie Charles | Jean Rémi King | Sébastien Marti

The autoimmune basis of narcolepsy

Volume 23, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 767-773
Josh Mahlios | Alberto K. De la Herrán-Arita | Emmanuel Mignot

Recent developments in animal models of drug relapse

Volume 23, Issue 4, 01 August 2013, Pp 675-683
Nathan J. Marchant | Xuan Li | Yavin Shaham

Negative reinforcement in drug addiction: The darkness within

Volume 23, Issue 4, 01 August 2013, Pp 559-563
George F. Koob

Addiction: Failure of control over maladaptive incentive habits

Volume 23, Issue 4, 01 August 2013, Pp 564-574
David Belin | Aude Belin-Rauscent | Jennifer E. Murray | Barry J. Everitt