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Current Opinion in Immunology

5-Year Impact Factor: 7.430
Issues per year: 6 issues
Editorial Board

Current Opinion in Immunology

Current Opinion in Immunology aims to stimulate scientifically grounded, interdisciplinary, multi-scale debate and exchange of ideas. It contains polished, concise and timely reviews and opinions, with particular emphasis on those articles published in the past two years. In addition to describing recent trends, the authors are encouraged to give their subjective opinion of the topics discussed.

In Current Opinion in Immunology we help the reader by providing in a systematic manner: 1. The views of experts on current advances in their field in a clear and readable form. 2. Evaluations of the most interesting papers, annotated by experts, from the great wealth of original publications.

Current Opinion in Immunology will serve as an invaluable source of information for researchers, lecturers, teachers, professionals, policy makers and students.

Division of the subject into sections
The subject of Immunology is divided into 8 themed sections and 2 special sections, each of which is reviewed once a year.

  • Innate immunity
  • Tumour immunology
  • Lymphocyte development and activation
  • Antigen processing
  • Vaccines
  • Allergy and hypersensitivity
  • Host pathogens
  • Autoimmunity

Selection of topics to be reviewed
Section Editors, who are major authorities in the field, are appointed by the Editors of the journal. They divide their section into a number of topics, ensuring that the field is comprehensively covered and that all issues of current importance are emphasised. Section Editors commission reviews from authorities on each topic that they have selected. The Editorial Board provides support to the Editors and the Section Editors with their comments and suggestions on names and topics.
Review articles in Current Opinion in Immunology are by invitation only.

Review Articles
Authors write short review articles in which they present recent developments in their subject, emphasizing the aspects that, in their opinion, are most important. In addition, they provide short annotations to the papers that they consider to be most interesting from all those published in their topic over the previous two years.

Editorial Overview
Section Editors write a short overview at the beginning of the section to introduce the reviews and to draw the reader's attention to any particularly interesting developments.This successful format has made Current Opinion in Immunology one of the most highly regarded and highly cited review journals in the field.

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The evolution of checkpoint blockade as a cancer therapy: What's here, what's next?

Volume 33, Issue , 01 April 2015, Pp 23-35
Daniel Sanghoon Shin | Antoni Ribas

C-type lectins in immunity: Recent developments

Volume 32, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 21-27
Ivy M. Dambuza | Gordon D. Brown

Viral RNA detection by RIG-I-like receptors

Volume 32, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 48-53
Mitsutoshi Yoneyama | Koji Onomoto | Michihiko Jogi | Teppei Akaboshi | Takashi Fujita

New developments for antibody-drug conjugate-based therapeutic approaches

Volume 40, Issue , 01 June 2016, Pp 14-23
Bart E.C.G. de Goeij | John M. Lambert

The IL-6/gp130/STAT3 signaling axis: Recent advances towards specific inhibition

Volume 34, Issue , 01 June 2015, Pp 75-82
Christoph Garbers | Samadhi Aparicio-Siegmund | Stefan Rose-John

Immune suppressive mechanisms in the tumor microenvironment

Volume 39, Issue , 01 April 2016, Pp 1-6
David H. Munn | Vincenzo Bronte

Regulation of human helper T cell subset differentiation by cytokines

Volume 34, Issue , 01 June 2015, Pp 130-136
Nathalie Schmitt | Hideki Ueno

Type I interferonopathies: Mendelian type I interferon up-regulation

Volume 32, Issue , 01 January 2015, Pp 7-12
Yanick J. Crow

The urgent need to recover MHC class I in cancers for effective immunotherapy

Volume 39, Issue , 01 April 2016, Pp 44-51
Federico Garrido | Natalia Aptsiauri | Elien M. Doorduijn | Angel M. Garcia Lora | Thorbald van Hall

Non-canonical activation of inflammatory caspases by cytosolic LPS in innate immunity

Volume 32, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 78-83
Jieling Yang | Yue Zhao | Feng Shao

Designing chimeric antigen receptors to effectively and safely target tumors

Volume 33, Issue , 01 April 2015, Pp 9-15
Michael C. Jensen | Stanley R. Riddell

The NAIP/NLRC4 inflammasomes

Volume 32, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 84-89
Russell E. Vance

Supramolecular peptide vaccines: Tuning adaptive immunity

Volume 35, Issue , 01 August 2015, Pp 73-79
Yi Wen | Joel H. Collier

Defining dendritic cells

Volume 32, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 13-20
Barbara U. Schraml | Caetano Reis e Sousa

Suppression of antigen presentation by IL-10

Volume 34, Issue , 01 June 2015, Pp 22-27
Sharad K. Mittal | Paul A. Roche

Host-virus interactions in hepatitis B virus infection

Volume 36, Issue , 01 October 2015, Pp 61-66
Luca G. Guidotti | Masanori Isogawa | Francis V. Chisari

The interplay of effector and regulatory T cells in cancer

Volume 33, Issue , 01 April 2015, Pp 101-111
Rahul Roychoudhuri | Robert L. Eil | Nicholas P. Restifo

Epithelial cytokines and pulmonary allergic inflammation

Volume 34, Issue , 01 June 2015, Pp 52-58
Clare M. Lloyd | Sejal Saglani

Innate lymphoid cells: New insights into function and development

Volume 32, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 71-77
Victor S. Cortez | Michelle L. Robinette | Marco Colonna

New approaches to HIV vaccine development

Volume 35, Issue , 01 August 2015, Pp 39-47
Barton F. Haynes

NLRs in plants

Volume 32, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 114-121
Xin Li | Paul Kapos | Yuelin Zhang

The roles of CRISPR-Cas systems in adaptive immunity and beyond

Volume 32, Issue , 01 February 2015, Pp 36-41
Rodolphe Barrangou

Targeting the tumor vasculature to enhance T cell activity

Volume 33, Issue , 01 April 2015, Pp 55-63
Evripidis Lanitis | Melita Irving | George Coukos

Early innate immune responses to bacterial LPS

Volume 44, Issue , 01 February 2017, Pp 14-19
Charles V. Rosadini | Jonathan C. Kagan

Effector T cell differentiation: Are master regulators of effector T cells still the masters?

Volume 37, Issue , 01 December 2015, Pp 6-10
Chao Wang | Mary Collins | Vijay K. Kuchroo