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Current Opinion in Cell Biology

5-Year Impact Factor: 8.512
Issues per year: 6 issues
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Current Opinion in Cell Biology

Current Opinion in Cell Biology aims to stimulate scientifically grounded, interdisciplinary, multi-scale debate and exchange of ideas. It contains polished, concise and timely reviews and opinions, with particular emphasis on those articles published in the past two years. In addition to describing recent trends, the authors are encouraged to give their subjective opinion of the topics discussed.

In Current Opinion in Cell Biology we help the reader by providing in a systematic manner:

1. The views of experts on current advances in their field in a clear and readable form.
2. Evaluations of the most interesting papers, annotated by experts, from the great wealth of original publications

Current Opinion in Cell Biology will serve as an invaluable source of information for researchers, lecturers, teachers, professionals, policy makers and students.

Division of the subject into sections

The subject of Cell Biology is divided into six themed sections, each of which is reviewed once a year.

Cell architecture
Cell signalling
Cell Nucleus
Membrane Trafficking
Cell dynamics
Cell differentiation and disease

Selection of topics to be reviewed

Section Editors, who are major authorities in the field, are appointed by the Editors of the journal. They divide their section into a number of topics, ensuring that the field is comprehensively covered and that all issues of current importance are emphasised. Section Editors commission reviews from authorities on each topic that they have selected. The Editorial Board provides support to the Editors and the Section Editors with their comments and suggestions on names and topics.

Review articles in Current Opinion in Cell Biology are by invitation only.

Review Articles

Authors write short review articles in which they present recent developments in their subject, emphasizing the aspects that, in their opinion, are most important. In addition, they provide short annotations to the papers that they consider to be most interesting from all those published in their topic over the previous two years.

Editorial Overview

Section Editors write a short overview at the beginning of the section to introduce the reviews and to draw the reader's attention to any particularly interesting developments.

This successful format has made Current Opinion in Cell Biology one of the most highly regarded and highly cited review journals in the field.

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Biogenesis and secretion of exosomes

Volume 29, Issue 1, 01 January 2014, Pp 116-125
Joanna Kowal | Mercedes Tkach | Clotilde Théry

Wnt signaling in stem and cancer stem cells

Volume 25, Issue 2, 01 January 2013, Pp 254-264
Jane D. Holland | Alexandra Klaus | Alistair N. Garratt | Walter Birchmeier

ROS-dependent signal transduction

Volume 33, Issue , 01 April 2015, Pp 8-13
Colleen R. Reczek | Navdeep S. Chandel

AMPK: Positive and negative regulation, and its role in whole-body energy homeostasis

Volume 33, Issue , 01 January 2015, Pp 1-7
D. Grahame Hardie

Regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal and mesenchymal-epithelial transitions by micrornas

Volume 25, Issue 2, 01 January 2013, Pp 200-207
Samy Lamouille | Deepa Subramanyam | Robert Blelloch | Rik Derynck

Recent developments in biased agonism

Volume 27, Issue 1, 01 April 2014, Pp 18-24
James W. Wisler | Kunhong Xiao | Alex R B Thomsen | Robert J. Lefkowitz

Modes of cancer cell invasion and the role of the microenvironment

Volume 36, Issue , 01 October 2015, Pp 13-22
Andrew G. Clark | Danijela Matic Vignjevic

Rho GTPase signalling in cell migration

Volume 36, Issue , 01 October 2015, Pp 103-112
Anne J. Ridley

Rab GTPase regulation of membrane identity

Volume 25, Issue 4, 30 April 2013, Pp 414-419
Suzanne R. Pfeffer

Signaling pathway cooperation in TGF-β-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition

Volume 31, Issue , 01 December 2014, Pp 56-66
Rik Derynck | Baby Periyanayaki Muthusamy | Koy Y. Saeteurn

Lipid droplet biogenesis

Volume 29, Issue 1, 01 January 2014, Pp 39-45
Florian Wilfling | Joel T. Haas | Tobias C. Walther | Robert V.Farese Jr

Extracellular vesicles shuffling intercellular messages: For good or for bad

Volume 35, Issue , 01 August 2015, Pp 69-77
Alessandra Lo Cicero | Philip D. Stahl | Graça Raposo

mTOR signaling in cellular and organismal energetics

Volume 33, Issue 1, 01 January 2015, Pp 55-66
Verena Albert | Michael N. Hall

Integrins in mechanotransduction

Volume 25, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 613-618
Tyler D. Ross | Brian G. Coon | Sanguk Yun | Nicolas Baeyens | Keiichiro Tanaka | Mingxing Ouyang | Martin A. Schwartz

ER-PM connections: Sites of information transfer and inter-organelle communication

Volume 25, Issue 4, 21 March 2013, Pp 434-442
Christopher J. Stefan | Andrew G. Manford | Scott D. Emr

The Hippo superhighway: Signaling crossroads converging on the Hippo/Yap pathway in stem cells and development

Volume 25, Issue 2, 01 January 2013, Pp 247-253
Evan R. Barry | Fernando D. Camargo

The role and regulation of blebs in cell migration

Volume 25, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 582-590
Ewa K. Paluch | Erez Raz

The role of protein dynamics in GPCR function: Insights from the β2AR and rhodopsin

Volume 27, Issue 1, 01 April 2014, Pp 136-143
Aashish Manglik | Brian Kobilka

Lysosome-related organelles: Unusual compartments become mainstream

Volume 25, Issue 4, 30 May 2013, Pp 495-505
Michael S. Marks | Harry F.G. Heijnen | Graça Raposo

Long non-coding RNAs: Modulators of nuclear structure and function

Volume 26, Issue 1, 01 February 2014, Pp 10-18
Jan H. Bergmann | David L. Spector

MicroRNAs: Regulators of neuronal fate

Volume 25, Issue 2, 01 January 2013, Pp 215-221
Alfred X. Sun | Gerald R. Crabtree | Andrew S. Yoo

The expanding significance of keratin intermediate filaments in normal and diseased epithelia

Volume 25, Issue 1, 01 January 2013, Pp 1-10
Xiaoou Pan | Ryan P. Hobbs | Pierre A. Coulombe

Targeting histone modifications - epigenetics in cancer

Volume 25, Issue 2, 01 January 2013, Pp 184-189
Tanja Waldmann | Robert Schneider

Dimensions in cell migration

Volume 25, Issue 5, 01 October 2013, Pp 642-649
Andrew D. Doyle | Ryan J. Petrie | Matthew L. Kutys | Kenneth M. Yamada